Ice Cream in the Making
In the early 1970’s our customers started consuming much more fat free milk than whole milk, and suddenly Shaw Farm had a problem on its hands – more cream than we knew what to do with! One day a salesman was at the farm and said to Nancy and Warren Shaw Sr., “you’re crazy for not making ice cream!”

They were already working upwards of 70 hours a week and couldn’t imagine how they could ever find the time for manufacturing ice cream on top of this all. But they traveled to auctions to buy second hand equipment, and met with other dairy farmers all over the country whom were happy and willing to help another farmer.  They obtained an ice cream formula and the recipes to make certain flavors – the same formulas that we still use today!

Here’s The Scoop
We offer over 60 flavors of ice cream – in quart, 56 oz, and 2.5 gallon containers.  Classic flavors and funky flavor-ites are all made with Shaw Farm milk and cream, and each one has that fresh and local taste.

Ice Cream Cakes and Pies
Yummy desserts for birthdays and family events. Cookie crumb centers and made with Shaw Farm vanilla and chocolate – or call ahead to have your own made and decorated as you like!