New England Organic Creamery is the new product line from Shaw Farm, a 100 year old family operated dairy farm in Dracut, MA. Since 1908, the Shaw family has been farming in the Merrimack Valley, growing feed for the cows, and producing milk for local customers that support local and fresh farm products.
Shaw farm owns and operates 135 acres, most of which we have preserved forever through the Agricultural Preservation Program. In addition, the farm rents an additional 125 acres from other farms.

Although our farm practices have always been very close to organic standards, over the years we have heard from a number of our customers who have asked us to produce a certified organic product. It is important to note that in our long history, we have never used artificial growth hormones.

The New Organic Seal
Our new products have the USDA organic seal. This means that our products have complied with all of the standards for organic milk. 

What is the difference?
Organic standards mean no commercial fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides are allowed. Crops grown for our organic herd rely on manures, compost, wood ash, and proper crop rotation for their nutrients and cultivation is used as a means to control weeds. Our organic herd also gets much of its feed from grazing on our organic crop land throughout the growing season, far exceeding requirements.

The Organic Cows
Our organic herd has been raised by organic standards. No antibiotics or growth hormones have ever been used. In addition, the organic herd is fed nutritionally balanced organic grain.

Humane Conditions
All of our cows, both organic and traditional, are treated humanely. Our barn facility is among the finest and most modern in the industry, with plenty of fresh air and lots of room.