Home Cookin’…
Shaw Farm offers customers more than just dairy products.

Muffins, pies, breads, cookies, apple cider donuts, and a variety of fresh baked treats fill the shelves (and their aroma fills the air) of our farmstore.  We take pride in baking our own items here, and also in offering you a variety of other locally made bakery products.

Bake Me a…
Muffins – Varity of flavors, available in 4-packs

Breads – Large loafs in a variety of flavors

Cookies – Large and loaded with taste, avaialable in singles or mutliples

Pies – 10″ Baked classics and seasonal favorites.  We also offer cream pies!

Whoopie Pies – Decadent and delightfully sweet

Apple Cider Donuts – made with cider from Carlson’s Orchards in Harvard, Ma

Shaw Farm also offers other locally made bakery products – staying true to goal of keeping it “Fresh and Local at the Farm.”

Meat our Products
Dom’s Meats – We are proud to carry Dom’s marinated meats. Located in Malden, MA Dom’s is legendary for packaged steak and poultry products.

Local Hamburg –  We offer fresh ground beef from local butchers.  It’s frozen and vaccum sealed to preserve its freshness.

Boar’s Head – One of the finest names in meats. We carry Boar’s Head sausages, bacon, hot dogs, holiday hams, packaged and sliced deli meats, and a variety of their great tasting products.

Say Cheese…
Smith’s Country Cheese – Located in Winchendon, MA, Smith’s offers a variety of award winning Chesse products, and you will find them right here at Shaw Farm.

Boar’s Head – Sliced deli cheese to individual packages, Boar’s Head cheese adds flavor and taste!

We are always changing our products and adding new varieties to the list so check in regularly with us so you won’t miss out on any new delicious treats!