At Shaw Farm we know that the best way for people to understand our business and the services we provide to our customers is to hear it directly from them.  So, we asked customers why they choose Shaw Farm Dairy and here are some of the responses we received…


I was motivated to seek out and find your farm after reading a great deal about where our food comes from and the importance of small farms on not only our health but the health of our communities…knowing exactly where my milk comes from and the care and health of the cows that it is milked from is, quite frankly, a great peace of mind!


I have been looking for organic milk delivery for several years – but could not find anyone in the area who delivered. Shaw Farm is exactly what I was looking for…quality products and extremely nice people!



We take our dairy products very seriously and have high standards. After careful comparative tasting, we believe that the finest milk and cream to be found in the greater Boston area is that from Shaw farm…we calculated that any reasonable estimate for the costs to drive to stores exceeded the delivery cost for our usual order.

The McEnaney Family:

Shaw Farm delivery and products have been an important part of our dairy consumption since 2001. Supporting our local farm and providing hormone free milk to our growing son has always been a concern; but quality, freshness, and exceptional flavor make Shaw Farm a natural choice.


My Husband tells me that he can taste the difference between both the “bottled” and “plastic” milk and that your milk is the best around.   I also like that you place my weekly delivery right in my insulated Shaw Farm milk box on my Farmer’s Porch so I don’t have to be home to get my delivery