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M.L. Shaw Jr. and Ernest Gunther 1918 - This is the oldest image we have of the farm.




1925 - ML Sr. with Prince and the converted Pollards delivery wagon.


Prince pulling the delivery wagon



ML Senior in 1933 - ML and wagon with milkers and barn cooler parts to be washed and cleaned in milk plant.



1935 - Milk Cooling, Raw milk from the cows was cooled on this device. The top tank had clothespins holding flannel. The milk was poured in through the flannel and it was drawn out through a spigot that could regulate the low of milk as it went into the top tray. The tray had small holes. As the milk flowed out, it spread over tubes with cold brine running through them. Milk cans caught the cooled milk, which were then brought to the milk plant for pasteurization and bottling.

1935 – Milk Bottling machine, This large rectangular receiving tank had 12 spigots with rubber grommets on the bottom. It would facilitate a case of milk under it, and when the lever was pulled down, would fill 12 bottles of milk at once.





1943 - Mechanized corn cutting, Corn bundle loader cuts the corn, and collects it in 70 pound bundles. The bundles are gathered by hand, and loaded onto a truck.


1943 – collecting bundled corn, Ben Sanford loading corn bundles on the converted flatbed 1937 GMC truck.



Septerber 23, 1944 – Johnny Huse (left) on our Farm-All Model H, and ML Sr (right) on a Farm-All Model M, gorrowed from Dan Hanson, a feed representative for the local co-op. Dan owned a farm, which we rented to raise heifers and keep our dry cows until they calved.






With ML (Sr.) at the wheel, Rolland and Winthrop take a ride to the top in this daring photograph from January 1949. Do not try this at home.



Ted Hudzik using a hay tedder - Our neighbor, Teddy, using a hay tedder, pulled by his horse, Jerry. about 1952


1955- ML Shaw Jr.



1957 - Bob Gagnon standing with Warren Shaw, Jr., loading corn into silo next to a corn elevator.

1959 – Showing the barn, and the Farm-All Model H tractor used for years and years on the farm.




Spraying for army worm - Warren Shaw Sr standing on the running board, overseeing the spraying for army worm, only seen once every decade or so. The spraying was urgent. 1961

Albert Shaw – approximately Fall 1961, getting mail in front of 195 New Boston Road, the site of our farm.




Warren Shaw Jr. - Chopping corn in 1972

Warren Shaw Sr. (L), Nancy Shaw (C), Nancy’s brother Richard Kinports (R) – This photo from 1977 shows Warren Sr, along with his wife, Nancy, and her brother, Richard. Richard worked at the farm in the early 1950’s.


1999 Weather Vane on the New Ice Cream stand



Warren, and lifetime friend, Charlie Kleczkowski, watch on as the shed is demolished. Summer 2002.




June 2008 - 100th celebration - We had many special events, hay ride, face painting, and more.

Win and Virginia Shaw at the 100th Anniversary, Shaw family from all around the US made the trip.








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