Consider this…

Since the early 1900′s, Shaw Farm has maintained a milking herd of Holstein who are milked twice per day, 365 days per year.  Our herdsman is Wally Biedron and he spends every day working with and studying these animals.  Wally also works closely with Tuft’s Veterinary Hospital to maintain the herd’s perfect health.

Three generations of Shaws take care of our 150 acres of nutrient rich orchard grasses that help give the the cow’s  their proper protein and fiber.  One of the very important steps to creating high quality feeds for the animals is using the manure to increase the soil’s organic matter content. The manure organically supplies the proper amount of nitrogen and using wood ash as an organic alternative to lime causes our fields flourish each year.  The major ingredient in the cows’ diet is corn silage. These ingredients are mixed together with the proper grain rations provided by our nutritionist and ensure our cows get a balanced diet each day.

Each dairy cow must give birth every 12-14 months in order to maintain milk production. Wally works with our breeding service to ensure that the integrity of each generation of cows improves and he helps raise the young to grow to the point of entering the milking herd.

Shaw Farm supports open space efforts and has placed an Agricultural Preservation Restriction on the property, ensuring our land will remain open space for future generations. 

Thank you to all of our faithful customers who continue to make Shaw Farm the last working dairy farm  in the Merrimack Valley to sell directly to its customers.